Welcome to Centrepoint Church! One Church, Two Locations.
Our Mission: "To inspire people to make Jesus the centre of their lives".


Centrepoint Church (formerly Chermside Assembly of God) began in the 1920s as a house mission and then formed as a fully functioning church in 1930 with Pastor Jim Hannah. Even though it has had an extensive history which we honour and celebrate, the church is clearly focused on relating to today’s culture with a strong emphasis on young families and the next generation. Today, the church is a thriving, multicultural, multigenerational gathering of individuals and families collectively experiencing faith together.


As of May 30th, 2021, we have a second location gathering in Taigum on 203 Beams Road. This is an exciting next step in the journey of Centrepoint Church.

Centrepoint Church is part of the Australian Christian Churches.

Russell & Nicky Harper

Russell and Nicky Have been at Centrepoint Church since 2012. 

They've been pastoring together for over 30 years and live life to the full. Their strengths are warmth, love for people, practical Bible teaching and a sense of humour. They have two sons, Jordan and Lachlan, and a daughter, Sophie.

Contact Russell or Nicky through the church office phone on (07) 3359 7700, email info@centrepointchurch.org.au, or message through our Facebook page here